About Us

We are the Dallas / Fort Worth Chapter of The NETwork which is an AT&T employee initiated non-profit 501-(c) (3) organization. The purpose of the organization is to dedicate its energy and efforts toward the following:

Mission: Transforming our future by empowering our members and our community today.

Vision: To become a premier leader in providing growth opportunities through sustainable programs that build future generational leaders within the industry and community.

The NETwork encourages African Americans and other diverse individuals to attain their personal and professional goals and to lead change in our communities.

The NETwork will:

    • Provide professional networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals for personal and professional benefit
    • Present opportunities to exercise and grow leadership abilities through program participation in both the corporation and community
    • Increase access to tools and resources to communities that will help build future leaders and cultivate a viable and relevant environment
    • Support the furtherance of higher education with a continued focus on advancing students
    • Ensure that all levels of the telecommunications industry are represented by a broad cross section of African Americans and other diverse individuals